Requests For Information

Requests For Information


Preparations are in place for a commemoration (placing of a memorial plaque) in 2017, for the crew of 550 Squadron Lancaster NF963 (pilot F/O Stanley Hayter) lost on 4th October 1944 while on a training flight. The aircraft crashed near Ellingstring, Masham, Yorkshire. F/O Hayter was the only survivor.

Specifically this is a request for information on: Both men were gunners and were actually members of the F/O R A Tapsell crew. Sgt Sheridan was from Glasgow and is buried Glasgow (St.Kentigern's) RC Cemetery, while Sgt McVey was from Airdrie and is buried in New Monkland Cemetery, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Does anyone know contact details for the McVey or Sheridan families? If so, please contact the web-site (contact link at the foot of the page), so that details can be passed on to the organisers.

5th October 2016 Update: relatives of Sgt McVey have been located. The search continues for relatives of Sgt Sheridan.
However the hopes that a memorial plaque can be placed at the crash site have been reduced as the landowner is relucant to give permission to access the site.


A mounted copy of an original Phantom of The Ruhr print has been given to the 550 Museum (see photo).


Many thanks to Tom McDonald for not only saving the find, but delivering it to the 550 Museum in North Killingholme.

The print had been discarded in the Liverpool area and its origin had been traced to the 550 website by its finder, Tom McDonald. There have been three other photographs stuck on the print but they have disappeared.
The photo at the top centre looks as though it was taken at a Reunion as it shows the BBMF Lancaster over the Memorial in North Killingholme.
The other picture of a Lancaster does not show any lettering on the fuselage (a stock image; photo by Charles E Brown of a new Lancaster on a test flight from the Castle Bromwich factory. Info Tony Morley)
Finally the bombing photograph is dated 20/7/44 and was taken at Wizernes (flying-bomb site attacked by Bomber Command) from the aircraft flown by F/O Wareham.
The F/O Wareham crew were airborne in ME776 but, if you follow the links for this crew you'll find there are no photos of the crew and little other information about them.

If you can help shed any light on this mounted print and photo montage and perhaps how it came to be in a skip in Liverpool then do please contact the web-site.


"... just had a meeting with Nicky Barr (Director of IBCC) who is organising numerous event this year [2015] involving veterans. She would like to know of any veterans who would be willing to be interviewed on radio and TV, also any veterans who would like to attend IBCC events (see events on the IBCC website), visits, and joint BBMF/IBCC gatherings.
Transport may be arranged for any who have difficulty getting to events.
If you have any veterans who would like to attend please let me have their details.
Many thanks for your help and support.
Peter Jones IBCC Archive"
The web-site is:
which has contact details or you can contact the Director, Nicky Barr at:
Correspondence Address:
International Bomber Command Centre,
13 Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, Lincs. PE10 9LA


A commemoration is planned on 6th June 2015 in Achiet le Petit, France, for the crew of 550 Squadron Lancaster LL836 (pilot F/LtR W Picton).

Some time back (November 2004 to be precise) a Ray Readon sent in the following to the original web-site :
"The navigator in Lancaster "E for Easy" was named Ken and used to go out with one of my Mum's friends who evacuated to Lincolnshire with us. From the gate of our house in Ulceby, we used to watch the "kites" overhead as they went out on their "ops". One night my Dad came up to my bedroom and told me that Uncle Ken's plane had not returned and to say a prayer for him. I never knew his full name, but from your website's Aircraft Database and Roll of Honour, Lancaster LL836 of A Flight with ID "E" could possibly have been his plane and there was one man with the first initial K (Sgt. K.P.C. Williams 10/11 April 1944) on that plane who could possibly have been him."
Unfortunately no email address information from that original version is available.

The organisers of the commemoration in France wish to get in contact with Ray. Does anyone know contact details for Ray? If so, please contact the web-site (contact link at the foot of the page).


Does anyone from the squadron still remember Archibald Menzies Gardner?
He is still going strong at the age of 89 and would like to hear from you. You can contact him through his grandson Richard Cooling. Drop an email to the web-site and it will be forwarded on.
Sgt Gardner was the MU/AG with the F/Sgt Jim Vance crew.


Do you have any information about crew members of the F/O D F Neilson crew who FTR 16/17 June 1944 on ops to Sterkrade in LM134.
Eight crew were lost (2nd pilot was flying) and two of the regular crew members were replaced by stand-ins on that op.
The aircraft came down in the area of Veenendaal in Holland. There are plans afoot for a memorial at the crash site. The search is on for relatives of crew who may wish to be present at any unveiling (ca. June 2015, details not yet confirmed).


Do you have any information about Sgt Anthony 'Tony' Finnigan (F/Eng) or Sgt Reg Stevens (R/AG) of the P/O S W Nielson crew (who FTR Dessau, 7/8 Mar 1945 in ME503. Finnigan and Stevens returned to the Squadron in April 1945, having been held as PoWs.
This request has been made by former Sgt Gwilym Evans the regular crew MU/AG who was not on ops that night.


Can you assist relatives of Joseph Teasdale locate his log books and DFM (sold to a collector in NE England some years ago)? They would love the chance to scan the pages. W/O Teasdale was the R/AG with the Sgt Town crew.
Can you put names to faces in this photo of Leading Aircraftman Phillip Lewis taken at NK in front of The Phantom of the Ruhr.


Do you have any information about the F/Lt F S Steele crew?
John Steele, son of Frank (Stainless) Steele would appreciate any information such as the operations this crew undertook, etc.


Can you help put names to faces in the F/O Joe Hutcheson crew?
The son of F/Eng Stan Wright would like to hear from you.


A television production company in Canada is trying to get in touch with Pilots and Flight Engineer who would be willing to share their knowledge and experience and to give first hand accounts of what it was like to fly a Lancaster and how one became a Pilot or Flight Engineer.
If you are interested this link gives contact information and details.


Do you have any information about the F/Lt Ronald Scholfield crew? The wife of F/Eng John Timms would like to hear from you.


Do you have any information about the F/O A C Bothe crew?
Christian Wood, grandson of rear gunner Fred Knight would like to hear from you.


Do you know Brian Chapman?
This is a request for contact details for Mr Chapman who was enquiring after F/Sgt Miell RCAF of the F/O Clarke crew lost when NG363 crashed in Bavaria in January 1945.