550 Squadron Photos

F/Sgt J H Vance & Crew

F/Sgt Vance and crewi were posted to 550 Squadron in April 1945:

Click image Vance crew, photo dated April 1945
L-to-R: F/Sgt Vance (P), Sgt Lester, F/Sgt Harris, Sgt Kennedy, Sgt Hope, Sgt Gardner, Sgt Stockwell
Click image Vance crew in front of BQ-E2
Back row, L-to-R: F/Sgt Reg Harris, Sgt Gardner(?), Sgt Stockwell(?), F/Sgt Vance (P), ground crew (?)
Front row, L-to-R: Sgt Hope(?), Sgt Lester(?), Sgt Kennedy (pilot's wings, P/F/Eng?)