IBCC Digital Archive

The International Bomber Command Centre in the centre of the Lincoln has been established both as a memorial site for the members of Bomber Command but also as a research centre recording all manner of details about the men and women of Bomber Command and the operations carried they carried out during WWII.

Reunion, North Killingholme, 2017 Reunion, North Killingholme, 2017 Reunion, North Killingholme, 2017

The IBCC has been putting together an archive of interviews with Bomber Command veterans to create a digital history of Bomber Command activities during WWII. Included within that archive are interviews with a number of 550 Squadron veterans. Below is a list of interviews and other documents and information, specific to 550 Squadron, available on the IBCC site.

550 Squadron Veterans Interviews

Jack Harris (P) Interview with Jack Harris part 1 (ca. 1hr 15 mins)
Interview part 2 (ca. 26 mins)
Interview part 3 (ca. 30 mins)
John Eppel RAAF (Nav) Interview with John Eppel (ca. 2hr 2 mins)
Vic Farmer (Nav) Interview with Vic Farmer (ca. 35 mins)
Gerry Taylor (Nav) Interview with Gerry Taylor (ca. 1hr 33 mins)
Charles Philip Blackham (F/Eng) Interview with Charles Philip Blackham (ca. 47 mins)
Maurice Snowball (F/Eng) Interview with Maurice Snowball (ca. 56 mins)
Geoff Packham (P) Interview with Geoff Packham (ca. 1hr 21 mins)
Len Doward (P) Interview with Len Doward (ca. 1hr 30 mins)

550 Squadron Veterans Documents and Photos

Leslie Pulfrey (A/B) Letter describing the finding of Leslie Pulfrey
John Eppel RAAF (Nav) John Eppel's log book
John Eppel and six airmen (photo)
Vertical aerial photograph of Calais during a bombing operation, 27 September 1944

550 Squadron

If you know any veteran who is willing to be interviewed please see the IBCC Digital Archive Request for details on how to contact the IBCC.

The documents, photos and oral histories are preserved in Lincoln University Archive.

The archive is free to use and documents can be downloaded, printed and used for non-commercial purposes, and has extensive search facilities. See the following links:

IBCC Commemorative Stone Tablets

Photos of a number of commemorative stone tablets to 550 air-crew at the International Bomber Command Centre, Canwick Hill, Lincoln are available on this web-site. For the interested reader see 550 air-crew commemorative stone tablets for the available photos.

Interviews Available on Other Digital Archives

Other archives of interviews with Bomber Command veterans are available.

One such example is the archive at "Australians at War Film Archive" of the UNSW, Canberra of interviews and information concerning Australian veterans (all services). Below is a list of interviews and other documents and information available (specific to 550 Squadron).

Frank Petch RAAF (W/Op) Interview with Frank Petch (ca. 47 mins)