550 Squadron Photos

Bowen-Bravery crew, CdG Citation

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CdG Citation (colour): F/O Bowen-Bravery crew
See F/O Bowen-Bravery crew
Picture courtesy of Jack Harris

North Killingholme Station

IntelligenceLibraryNK Intelligence Library, North Killingholme
Picture from Jack Harris collection
Nordhausen Raid Preparation Preparations being made for the Nordhausen raid on 3 April 1944 with F/O Peggy Burnside and S/Ldr Bruce Dermer working on the map
Picture from Patrick Otter collection
Officers Mess NK Interior of the Officers' Mess, North Killingholme
Picture from Patrick Otter collection
Unknown Crew NK updated26/12/2019

F/O Thygussen DFC (RCAF) and crew

Originally listed as Unknown Crew, North Killingholme. Compare, however, the photos on the F/O Thygussen and crew web-page and this does indeed look like a positive identification
Thanks to Lee Norgate for making the link
Picture from Patrick Otter collection
F/Eng Training room
For more photos in the Flight Engineering classroom click here

Miscellaneous (North Killingholme)

The Hopman crew attending to their Austin 7
See F/Sgt Hopman crew
Killingholme Station Band
The Group Captain in the band photograph is the CO, North Killingholme
Picture courtesy of Graham Brett
SeniorNCOsMessOct1945 Party, Senior NCOs Mess, October 1945
Annotation on the rear "Party in the Senior NCO's Mess. Air-crew voted en masse to spend all accummulated funds on a gigantic free party"
(probably October 1945 when 550 Squadron was disbanded and the station was put on a "care and maintenance" basis)
Picture from Jack Harris collection
- new17/01/2021

Possibly the F/O J O Richard DFC (RCAF) crew

New photo of F/Sgt W G Rate (W/Op) added to the F/O J O Richard crew web-page. Due to the presence of F/Sgt Rate it is thought that this may be the F/O Richard crew (possibly with ground-crew).
Picture from Rodney Rate (son of F/Sgt Rate)
- new05/02/2024

Motorcyclist with side-car somewhere on North Killingholme Station
Picture from Mark Bradley (son of LAC V Bradley)
- new08/02/2024

Ground crew group photo
Picture from Mark Bradley
- new10/02/2024

Lancaster being bombed up
Picture from Mark Bradley
- new09/03/2024

Ground crew loading bomb bay
Picture from Mark Bradley

Miscellaneous (Other)

- new06/01/2019
RAAF Wireless operators at a training unit. Possibly ca. early May 1945 (or more likely sometime before)
The annotation on the rear (from Roy Blows) shows that they all left "Oz" at the same time, and trained together.

Includes a number of men who went on to fly with 550 Sqdn

For a list of all RAAF W/Ops in 550 Sqdnn see:
W/Op list
Picture courtesy of Sandra Zigra (Roy Blows)
- new06/01/2019
RAAF Wireless operators (rear of photo above)

Men (from signature) who went on to fly with 550 Sqdn, including:
H J Bickerstaff
Roy Blows
Phil Borton
Norman Bricknell
Bob Brock
Picture courtesy of Sandra Zigra (Roy Blows)

North Killingholme Airfield

- Taken in the 1930s on Low Farm before the airfield was built there.
George Turner's father is driving the tractor and his younger brother Allan is on the binder.
Picture courtesy of George Turner
- George Turner on the combine harverter in 1964
This was the first harvest after the airfield land was returned to the Turner family
Picture courtesy of George Turner

Football Teams

Inter Section Knockout Championship
North Killingholme 1945
550 Sqdn vs. HMS Farne 1945
Killingholme Football Team
Picture courtesy of Graham Brett

Photos Taken on Cook's Tours

"Cook's tour" - a sightseeing flight taking non-aircrew personnel for a flight over France and Germany to show them the results of the bombing campaign.

Many thanks to Peter Spindler DFC* (Navigator in the S/Ldr Pickles crew) for making these photographs taken on various Cook's Tours available.

- Dortmund, 1945
- Wesel, 1945
- Cologne Railway Station, 1945

International Bomber Command Centre

Photos of a number of commemorative stone tablets to 550 air-crew at the International Bomber Command Centre, Canwick Hill, Lincoln.

Photos from April and December 2019 (except Sgt Levy (November 2020, Joy Klos)).


F/Sgt Martin-Smith DFM
Clarence Tattersall and crew

Sgt M H Levy (Nav)

F/Sgt George Bulman (Nav)

Sgt K J B Smith

F/Sgt Roy Blows

F/Lt James Cassidy DFC*

For the interested reader see also the IBCC Digital Archive page on this web-site where links to a number of 550 Squadron veteran interviews are listed.