Achiet-Le-Petit Commemorations

Commemorations in Achiet-Le-Petit, France

LL836 / BQ-E

Photographs from the commemoration events in Achiet-Le-Petit for F/Lt Picton DFC and the crew of LL836.

The entry on the 550 Squadron Roll of Honour is available here.

F/Lt Picton DFC and crew failed to return in Lancaster LL836 when it was lost on the 10/11 April 1944 on an operation to Aulnoye. All the members of the crew were killed.

For more information see also the F/Lt Picton crew web-page.

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Commemorative Visit 2018

Achiet-Le-Petit 2018
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In 2018 relatives of John James Logan DFC (Navigator with the crew) gathered with local people to honour the crew of LL836.

A memorial plaque was unveiled.

Commemorative Visit 2016

Achiet-Le-Petit 2016
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In 2016 relatives of the pilot F/Lt Picton gathered with local people to honour the crew of LL836.

Commemorative Visit 2015

Achiet-Le-Petit 2015
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In June 2015 members from three of the families of crew members killed visited Achiet-Le-Petit to take part in a tribute organised by local people.