550 Squadron

F/O M L Dubois DFC and Crew

The F/O Dubois crew was as follows:

Several different crew-men flew with this crew on various operations as stand-in W/Op:

The Dubois crew flew a tour with 550 between 5/44 and 10/44.

Click image F/O Dubois Crew And Ground Crew

This crew flew ops in the following aircraft:

F/O Dubois (P)

F/O Dubois was awarded an immediate DFC after being hit in the neck by sharpnel on the day raid on Duigny fuel depot 10 August 1944.

The citation for DFC in the SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 3 OCTOBER, 1944 reads:

Flying Officer Maurice Leo DUBOIS (Can/J.25922), R.C.A.F., 550 Sqn
In August, 1944. Flying Officer Dubois was detailed to attack an oil storage depot at Dugny. On the bombing run 
his aircraft was twice hit by anti-aircraft fire and on the second occasion this officer was severely wounded in 
the neck by shrapnel. He fainted momentarily but recovered to find the aircraft in a steep dive. Regaining control 
of the aircraft he called for a first aid kit and had his wounds dressed by a member of the crew. Although feeling 
very weak from loss of blood, he made another bombing run and successfully attacked the target. He afterwards flew 
his aircraft back to base and made a successful landing. 
Flying Officer Dubois has participated in many sorties and his determination to complete his missions regardless 
of his own personal safety has set a fine example to his squadron.