550 Squadron Photos

BQ-O / LM273

F/O Cameron and Crew

F/O Cameron flew with the following crew:

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Picture courtesy of Mark Simpson

The remainder of the photographs on this page were kindly provided by Jim Cameron, son of F/O Les Cameron pilot of LM273. The photos came to Jim from Phil Rigby (Joe Rigby was F/O Cameron's Navigator). The original source may have been F/Lt Bob Stone, who provided many of the photographs that were available on the original web-site.

The photographs below show F/O Les Cameron DFC (Pilot), and other air and ground crew with LM273.

Click image Left-to-right:
Sgt F Piertney (Rear Gunner), Sgt Frank Popple (Mid-Upper Gunner),
Sgt Dave Eldridge (Flight Engineer), F/O Les Cameron (Pilot),
Sgt George Sutherland (B/Aimer), P/O Joe Rigby (Navigator)
Sgt Joe White (W/Op A/G)
In the background LM273 an aircraft they took against targets 27 times

Picture courtesy of Jim Cameron
Click image Doorway: F/L Avery (Navigation Leader), F/L Bill Peek (Bombing Leader)
Back Row: Sgt Dave Eldridge, Sgt Frank Popple, F/Lt Jock Shaw,
F/O Peggy Burnside (intel.), F/O Les Cameron, Sgt Joe White
Sgt George Sutherland, P/O Joe Rigby, Sgt F Piertney, S/Ldr B J Redmond
Front Row: LM273 ground crew technical team (names unknown)

Picture courtesy of Jim Cameron

LM273 went on a total 43 operations before finally failing to return. Of these 27 were made by the Cameron Crew.

Click image BQ-O at dispersal, original source Phil Rigby
Probable date: Sept 1944

Picture courtesy of Jim Cameron
Click image BQ-O showing combat damage
To find out how this damage occured then click here

Picture courtesy of Jim Cameron

Operational Tour List

Click image Full list of ops flown by Les Cameron and crew (August - December 1944)