The Association was greatly saddened to learn today of the death yesterday, Thursday 4th April 2024, of Wilfred Burie of Rebecq, Belgium.
Wilfred was instrumental in raising the Rebecq Memorial in 2011 commemorating the P/O Purney crew lost over Belgium on 27/28 May 1944 on an operation to Aachen. 
The memorial also recognised the local civilians who suffered as a result of coming to the aid of the crew. 
See the Rebecq Memorial Project which details the story of the work to raise that memorial.

Representatives of the 550 Squadron Association have visited Rebecq many times over the years to participate in the commemorations that Wilfred and the Rebecq Association organised there. On every occasion the visitors from the UK and elsewhere have been so warmly welcomed by Wilfred and members of the Rebecq Association. Relatives of the crew have also visited and become friends with Wilfred and the many people in Rebecq who have done so much to remember the crew. See Rebecq Commemorations.
Wilfred was involved in the return to North Killingholme of part of the aircraft JA712 used to transport one of the injured crewmen to hospital.
Over time the Rebecq Memorial was extended to include all of the 550 crews lost over Belgium (6 in total). Only last year the BBMF Lancaster over-flew the Rebecq Memorial site a worthy recognition of the work done to remember a 550 Squadron crew. Wilfred later extended his activities to cover all the Allied air-crews lost over the entirety of Belgium, a huge undertaking. See the web-site.
Wilfred Burie, mémoire de Rebecq, est mort à 71 ans
Wilfred's funeral took place on Monday 8th April at 2 PM in the Protestant church in Ecaussines.
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Wilfred will be remembered with great affection, both here in the UK and in Belgium. God bless you Wilfred, may you Rest in Peace.
Wilfred Burie, President "The Belgians Remember Them"