550 Squadron

P/O N S Rogers and Crew

P/O Rogers flew with the following crew:

Below are two crew photos. Assuming that these are photos of the usual Rogers crew then the identifications are probably sound.

Click image P/O Rogers and crew
L-to-R: P/O Rogers, Sgt Jenkins, F/O Evans, Sgt Marshall, Sgt Pearce, F/Sgt Salmon, F/Sgt Mills
Click image P/O Rogers and crew
L-to-R: Sgt Pearce, F/Sgt Salmon, P/O Rogers, F/Sgt Mills, Sgt Marshall, F/O Evans, Sgt Jenkins
Aircraft is probably LL837 'Q' in which they flew a number of sorties
Click image 550 Squadron, group photo March 1944 (colour tinted version)
This picture version appeared in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine, Saturday 11th August 2001
The item contained interviews with three veterans, including Harry Evans (circled) navigator with the P/O Rogers crew

All of photos below are annotated on the reverse as being members of P/O Rogers' crew, and all except that of F/O Evans are in civilian clothing as 'Pimpernel' or escape photos. The identifications in the two crew photos above are based on the following annotated photos.
F/O Evans may be Henry Thomas Alfred Evans 156688, whose DFC was gazetted in the supplement to the London Gazette dated 15/8/44.
Pictures courtesy of Mark Simpson

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