550 Squadron Photos

P/O Mearns DFC and Crew

The P/O Mearns crew was:

NB: Sgt J Chamboly the MU/AG is listed in the Squadron ORB in a number of flights with a variety of surnames: Chamboly, Chambary, Chambury. Fred Norris refers to him in recollections as "Johnny Chamboly", so that is the named listed above.

Also flying with the Mearns crew were a number of alternate R/AGs:

Click image P/O Mearns and crew
L-to-R: P/O Mearns, F/Sgt Kelly, Sgt McKeown, Sgt Norris, Sgt O'Neil, Sgt Chambary, Sgt Slater

Picture courtesy of Mark Simpson

Sgt Fred Norris

Fred Norris born 10th April 1925 in Toronto, Canada, son of Roger Norris and Ada Golder, both British.

Fred's own words and memories of how he became air-crew at North Killingholme (recorded on VE Day, 8th May 2005) are available here.

Thanks are due to Sheri Cooper for giving permission for the following photographs, hand-written notes and logs to be made available on the web-site.

Click image Fred Norris, Toronto. Canada
Click image AirCadets, Bridlington December, 1943
Click image
Click image
Click image
Click image
Click image Fred Norris atop a Lancaster 1945
Click image Geoff Mearns DFC (Pilot)
Click image Geoff Mearns DFC (Pilot)
Click image Back row L-to-R: Sgt A Slater (R/AG), G Mearns DFC (Pilot), Joe McKeen ("Mac", B/A), Danny O'Neil (W/Op),
Front row l-r: Fred Norris (F/Eng), Bill Kelly (Nav), John Chamboly (MU/AG).
Click image Hand Written Notes - Ops Summary 12 Dec 1944 - 9 Apr 1945
Click image Sgts O'Neil, Chamboly and McKeen, and F/Sgt W G Kelly
Click image No. Group 1, Billet
Click imageNo. 1 Group, North Killingholme
Sgt Alan Slater, Fred Norris, John Chamboly, Joe McKeen, Bill Kelly and Danny O'Neil
Click image 550 Sqdn Lancaster, December 1944
Click image 550 Sqdn Lancaster, December 1944

Fred Norris describes an operation to Kiel in April 1945, and provides information about the crew.