550 Squadron Photos

F/L Jim Lord & Crew

F/L Jim Lord flew with the following crew:

The various pictures below show F/Lt Lord and crew.

Click image F/Lt Jim Lord DFC

Click image Jim Lord and crew, BQ-G, North Killinghome, Sept 1944
Left To Right: Ken Down, Jim Lord, Guss Vass, Jock Elliott, Pat Scully, Bob Sebaski, Jack Shomberg
Click image Jim Lord and crew (Lanc ED562, BQ-G "We dood it" in the background)
Left To Right: Jack Shomberg, Guss Vass, Pat Scully, Jim Lord, Ken Down, Bob Sebaski, Jock Elliott
Lanc ED562 "BQ-G": "We dood it", featuring a picture of cartoon character "Captain Really Foull". See:
Click image Photo of Jim Lord and crew June 1944 with their technical team in front of ED562 "We dood it"
Back row: centre Jim Lord
Front row centre: Ken Down
(as so often the names of the technical team are unfortunately unknown)

Operational Tour List

Click image Full list of ops flown by Jim Lord and crew (June - September 1944)
Information courtesy of Jim Cameron

The wireless operator, Jock Elliot, wrote a book "Flying with the Lord", recounting their tour.
(Details: SBN-13: 9780954700904, ISBN-10: 0954700902, Publication Date: 2/1/2004).

Photographs from on high

Below are a number of photographs taken by the Jim Lord crew from the aircraft on ops. The targets and dates are noted on the bottom of each image.

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