550 Squadron Photos

F/O G P Fauman and Crew

The F/O Fauman crew:

F/O Fauman was a USAF airman and the only one who flew with 550 Squadron.

Click image Fauman Crew
Back row: L-to-R: -, Sgt Bill Drake, F/Sgt Stebner, F/O Fauman, -
Front row: L-to-R: -, Sgt Cooksey (?, based on comparison with the following photo)
The photo looks as though it was taken in front of PD208/BQ-V. That possibly puts the photo as having been taken on or around 2 July 1944 (by the dates in Bill Drake’s log book)
Picture courtesy of David Drake (nephew of Bill Drake (R/AG))
Click image Sgt Peter Edwin Cooksey (W/Op)
Picture courtesy of Mark Simpson
Click image F/Sgt A E Stebner (Nav)
Picture courtesy of Ian Stebner (son of A E Stebner)

F/Sgt A E Stebner: Navigator's Log Book

Flight Lieutenant Cassidy F/Sgt A E Stebner(Nav) Log Book
Source: Ian Stebner (son of A E Stebner)

Sgt W A Drake: Rear-Gunner's Log Book

Flight Lieutenant Cassidy Sgt W A Drake RAF (R/AG) Log Book
Source: David Drake (nephew of Bill Drake (R/AG))

Thanks due again to David Drake for the following information.

Sgt Drake reached 550 Squadron by the following route:

Sgt Drake flew his 550 Ops in the following Lancasters:

IdSerialNameNo. Ops
BQ-BEE139Phantom of the Ruhr1
later recoded 'V' and named 'The Vulture Strikes'8

Note that some 15 sorties were flown in PD208 by Fauman's crew in July 1944 - presumably making them the principle crew that month. Six more sorties were flown in August, the last on the 8th (the aircraft being lost on the 14th). His final sortie was on 28 August 1944 against a V1 site at Wemars Capelle, leaving the squadron on 18 October. Sgt Drake saw out pretty much the rest of his wartime service on air-sea rescue launches. He passed away in 1967.