Squadron Personnel: Summary Information


There follows below lists of the officers and men who served in 550 Squadron. The information used to build this page was taken in the first instance from the lists provided on the original Squadron Association web-site, but have been augmented by new and additional information gathered since that time.

This information is not yet complete: it has been build from the Roll of Honour, Decorations and Senior Officer lists, and then by working through other available records. So please don't shout just yet if you spot an omission - work continues to build a more complete, and accurate, list.
Do however shout if you spot an error! Please email any corrections or information to the contact details in the link at the bottom of the page.

Serviceman Details: The column headers should be fairly self-explanatory. The final column (Web links) contains, where given, links to other items on this web-site or indeed to external sources where further information or photographs, etc can be found.

Aircraft: When a link to a particular aircraft is given, this only indicates aircraft it is known the crewman was associated with (such as when flight logs are available or the aircraft has failed to return from an operation). It does not exclude the fact that the crewman may well have flown on other aircraft too, that is either just not documented in the currently available records or simply not known to the author. The aircraft links will take you to the operations listed for that aircraft.

Note that the vast bulk of the information available about squadron servicemen presented below concerns air-crew; almost no information is available about the men, and women, of the technical and other ground crews who played their part in making the squadron an effective fighting unit. This is a shame, given the key role they played in keeping the aircraft in the air and the men flying them able to do their job. So if you have ground-crew information do please send it in so that it too can be included in the squadron record.

Definitions of the abbreviations used are available: here.

Serviceman Details Aircraft
Rank Initials
(First Name)
Last Name Decorations Service Service No. Role Flight Other Information Links FTR? Date Service Number
(Robert Willson "Bob")
Kemp RAF 143399 R/AG - Posted from No. 1 L.F.S Hemswell on 12.5.44
Finished his service with the rank of F/Lt.
After being de-mobbed, went back to civvy life in the advertising business in Birmingham.

[Ed. (information from his son). Although the ORB lists F/O Kemp as R/AG in all his sorties, in his own log book, and in the memories he related to his family, he was a MU/AG.]
Married Marie Jemima Watson (550 Sqdn MT driver) 28.7.1945 (F/O Les Wareham Best Man). Died 1979
- - DV279
Sgt W J
Kemp RAF 992846 A/B - Posted to 550 Sqdn from No. 1 L.F.S. Hemswell on 4.5.44 (Nav "B")
Posted from 550 Sqdn to No. 11 Base on 29.5.44
- - ED796

The details were last updated: 14 October 2020

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