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Listed below is the information available for operations to this target flown by 550 Squadron.

Operation Summary: The column headers should be fairly self-explanatory. The term "aborted" as used here covers a number of possibilities:

Aircraft Deployed: When a link to a particular aircraft is given, this indicates aircraft known to have taken part in this raid (in the records currently available to the web-site author). A record of whether the aircraft returned or failed to return (FTR) is also logged.

Servicemen Deployed: Names of the crew in the operation.

Station Summary: This section is the information from the RAF North Killingholme Station Record Book for the operational date (if available).

Definitions of the abbreviations used are available: here.

Manageable Lists

The amount of data in the database is growing and this is resulting in the "all operations/targets" list getting rapidly bigger and thus slower to generate. There are options to display shorter, more quickly generated, reports if you want to home in on something specific. For example, there are options to generate reports on operations to a single target, or by single aircraft (to all targets) or by single aircraft to a single target. There is, on the database-reports summary page, a short user guide (PDF format) on how to do this.

Operation/Target: Bremen (21 Mar 1945 - 21 Mar 1945)

Operation Summary
Target Out Back Aborted
(Y / N)
Bremen 21 Mar 1945 21 Mar 1945 N 15 aircraft from the Squadron were detailed for operations. All of them took off safely without incident at approx 08.00. The target was the Deutsche Oil Refinery on the North West outskirts of BREMEN. The route was direct across North Holland, ideal weather conditions were experienced and no flak appeared. Marking was vary accurate and the Master Bomber had a firm and clear control of the attack. Very quickly a pall of smoke, of varying shades, enveloped the target. Along the bombing run the aircraft had to fly through a lane of hot, quite accurate, heavy flak and several aircraft were hit, but none vitally. "K" (P/O Screen) was hit in the port outer engine and limped back to base on three engines. All of the Squadron aircraft landed safely at base. 3 aircraft and crew flew 10 hours flying training.
Aircraft Deployed Servicemen Deployed
Aircraft Service Number Returned
or FTR
Comments Crew Details
RA503 Returned Primary at 14500 ft at 10.00hrs
ME519 Returned Primary at 14500 ft at 10.02hrs
PD321 Returned Primary at 15500 ft at 10.01 1/2hrs F/O R G Screen (P)
Sgt B T McGee (F/Eng)
Sgt J Carson (Nav)
F/Sgt T W Brown (A/B)
F/Sgt H P Rattenbury (W/Op)
F/Sgt H Jacobs (MU/AG)
Sgt J J Barry (R/AG)
PB514 Returned Primary at 14500 ft at 10.00hrs P/O R H Digby (P)
Sgt J H Walker (F/Eng)
F/O A E Lewis (Nav)
Sgt A E McLeod (A/B)
Sgt D Crabtree (W/Op)
Sgt J L Perrigo (MU/AG)
Sgt R D Hager (R/AG)
ME390 Returned Primary at 15000 ft at 10.00 1/4hrs
PD320 Returned Primary at 14000 ft at 10.00 1/2hrs
PD382 Returned Primary at 14500 ft at 10.02hrs
ND972 Returned Primary at 16000 ft at 10.01 1/2hrs
NG250 Returned Primary at 15000 ft at 10.00 1/2hrs
RF135 Returned Primary at 15000 ft at 10.00hrs F/L D R Parsons (P)
Sgt W L Howell (R/AG)
Sgt G E Carter (F/Eng)
F/Sgt J Price (Nav)
Sgt M W Morrison (A/B)
F/Sgt K Robinson (W/Op)
Sgt E Dinsley (MU/AG)
PA268 Returned Primary at 14000 ft at 10.00hrs
NG135 Returned Primary at 15000 ft at 10.01hrs F/O H J Handley (P)
F/Sgt L J Tough (F/Eng)
Sgt H B Brier (Nav)
F/Sgt J Taylor (A/B)
Sgt R G Aldridge (W/Op)
Sgt H Firth (MU/AG)
Sgt D Hiskins (R/AG)
PB707 Returned Primary at 14000 ft at 10.01 1/2hrs W/O R E Vietheer (MU/AG)
P/O J S Percival (P)
Sgt E W Ward (F/Eng)
F/Sgt S E Whyte (Nav)
Sgt N R Knipton (A/B)
Sgt C J Nileman (W/Op)
Sgt I Rees (R/AG)
PD313 Returned Primary at 15000 ft at 10.00hrs F/O G E Mearns (P)
Sgt F Norris (F/Eng)
F/Sgt W G Kelly (Nav)
Sgt J F McKeen (A/B)
Sgt D O'Neil (W/Op)
Sgt A Colin (R/AG)
RF136 Returned Primary at 14500 ft at 10.01hrs

Operation/Target: Bremen (22 Apr 1945 - 22 Apr 1945)

Operation Summary
Target Out Back Aborted
(Y / N)
Bremen 22 Apr 1945 22 Apr 1945 N It was a formidable force that Bomber Command detailed, with four separate aiming points - enemy strong points on the east side of Bremen, within a few miles of our troops. No. 1 Group had the honour of opening the attack, and 550 Squadron contributed 27 aircraft to this spearhead. All 27 took off at 18:00, but "G" (F/O Johnston) had an engine out on take-off and was saved the consequent "cross country". The remainder completed the course and the majority returned as full of eggs as when they departed. They had the chagrin of seeing most of Bremen clear of cloud but the target area itself covered by a thick patch and because our troops were so near the Master Bomber had no choice but to call the party off. Our crews held out the hope that conditions might improve for later waves, but it transpired that only our force fitted with special equipment could bomb. That, at any rate, was a gesture to our troops, who we hope realised, when they saw the bombers overhead that the promised assistance was only withheld so that they should not be imperialed. Return was more or less devoid of incident except for "M" (F/O Handley) which after touching down took off again for a flight, which, unfortunately cannot be counted as squadron training hours.
Aircraft Deployed Servicemen Deployed
Aircraft Service Number Returned
or FTR
Comments Crew Details
NG289 Returned Mission abandoned W/O H Davies (P)
Sgt J S Preston (F/Eng)
Sgt G V Weller (Nav)
Sgt K P Moran (A/B)
Sgt R A Phillips (W/Op)
Sgt J F Wilson (MU/AG)
Sgt J L Robson (R/AG)
ME390 Returned Mission abandoned F/O H A Findlay (P)
F/Sgt W A Swan (P/F/Eng)
Sgt J B Carter (Nav)
F/O R Melia (A/B)
Sgt E Barton (W/Op)
Sgt I Daly (MU/AG)
Sgt W Towle (R/AG)
NG221 Returned Mission abandoned F/O K W Jeans (P)
Sgt M G Snowball (F/Eng)
Sgt G Bulman (Nav)
Sgt K G Thom (A/B)
Sgt G C Vincent (W/Op)
W/O H O Lowe (MU/AG)
F/O K C Reeve (R/AG)
NG246 Returned Abortive - starboard outer u/s F/O L S Johnston (P)
Sgt B C Terry (F/Eng)
F/O A C Armstrong (Nav)
F/O L J Oke (A/B)
Sgt J Jones (W/Op)
Sgt C B Gadsby (MU/AG)
Sgt J A Wilson (R/AG)
PD343 Returned Mission abandoned F/Sgt D P Lambert (P)
PD382 Returned Mission abandoned
ME519 Returned Mission abandoned
PD321 Returned Mission abandoned
PA325 Returned Mission abandoned
RF237 Returned Mission abandoned
PA309 Returned Mission abandoned
LM182 Returned Mission abandoned F/L E G Blakeway (P)
F/Sgt G B Dawkins (F/Eng)
F/L H James (Nav)
F/O K H Vaughan (A/B)
F/O G McCann (W/Op)
F/Sgt N Gamble (MU/AG)
F/O L O Lynch (R/AG)
RF135 Returned Mission abandoned F/L D R Parsons (P)
F/Sgt J P Tasker (MU/AG)
Sgt G E Carter (F/Eng)
F/Sgt J Price (Nav)
Sgt M W Morrison (A/B)
F/Sgt K Robinson (W/Op)
Sgt E Dinsley (MU/AG)
PA288 Returned Mission abandoned F/L F J Mitchell (P)
W/O N J Horsley (F/Eng)
Sgt M H Levy (Nav)
F/O B A Hulse (A/B)
Sgt D J Bailey (W/Op)
F/Sgt A W W Coltman (MU/AG)
Sgt R B Nicholson (R/AG)
PB514 Returned Mission abandoned F/O A C Bothe (P)
F/Sgt J H Andrews (F/Eng)
F/Sgt A S Wiltshire (Nav)
F/O S W Collins (A/B)
Sgt B J Williams (W/Op)
Sgt H W Barton (MU/AG)
Sgt F R Knight (R/AG)
RF214 Returned Mission abandoned F/Sgt V B Cassapi (F/Eng)
P/O A G Elliott (P)
F/Sgt N H Lund (Nav)
F/Sgt R J Francis (A/B)
Sgt D Scully (W/Op)
Sgt A J Cassidy (MU/AG)
Sgt R Craigs (R/AG)
PD313 Returned Mission abandoned
RA503 Returned Mission abandoned
ME542 Returned Mission abandoned S/L J C Sarll (P)
F/L R E G Waite (P)
Sgt J E Murray (F/Eng)
F/Sgt R R Longmire (Nav)
F/Sgt J R Seppelt (A/B)
F/Sgt F A Coombes (W/Op)
F/Sgt R F Pritchard (MU/AG)
F/Sgt P J Robertson (R/AG)
F/Sgt A G Johnston (F/Eng)
F/Sgt J H Marsh (Nav)
F/O R G McLean (A/B)
Sgt G Edwards (W/Op)
Sgt W Gray (MU/AG)
Sgt T Hume (R/AG)
NG243 Returned Mission abandoned
RF136 Returned Mission abandoned
NG134 Returned Mission abandoned F/O V G Roberts (P)
Sgt R E Davies (F/Eng)
Sgt F Farney (Nav)
F/O K L Pedersen (A/B)
F/Sgt D R Jackson (W/Op)
P/O S Walmsley (MU/AG)
W/O M Waddington (R/AG)
PB707 Returned Mission abandoned F/L E G Fleming (P)
F/Sgt G F Groom (F/Eng)
F/Sgt K W Derwent (Nav)
F/Sgt A R Morgan (A/B)
Sgt J Ward (MU/AG)
Sgt W L Howell (R/AG)
W/O F Hansen (W/Op)
PA268 Returned Mission abandoned F/O F J A Cox (P)
P/O S J Jackson (F/Eng)
F/O A Davidson (Nav)
F/O P M Fletcher (A/B)
Sgt R Townend (W/Op)
Sgt E J Chick (MU/AG)
Sgt H W E Gee (R/AG)
LM228 Returned Mission abandoned
NG250 Returned Mission abandoned
ND972 Returned Mission abandoned

Summary Statistics

Based on the data in the lists displayed above, and keeping in mind that data is still being updated and thus not yet complete, the following statistics are generated:

Aircraft Deployment Statistics

Aircraft deployments 42
MAX Aircraft deployed
in single operation
(Bremen, 22 Apr 1945)

These details were last updated: 10 March 2019


this list is still being built and will take some time to complete
what is currently displayed is believed accurate but much more is still to be added

This note describes the options currently available to produce a smaller, more manageable list and also describes planned future enhancements to the reporting facility.

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