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There follows below a list of the all of the operations flown by 550 Squadron and the aircraft involved on each. The information used to build this page was taken in the first instance from the lists provided on the original Squadron Association web-site, but has been augmented by new information gathered since that time (squadron operations logs, individual aircrew log books, and other sources).

This information is not yet complete: it has been build from the a number of sources (documentary and people) and compilation of complete lists is an ongoing task that is expected to take quite some time to complete. So please don't shout just yet if you spot an omission - work continues to build a more complete, and accurate, list.
Do however shout if you spot an error! Please email any corrections or information to the contact details in the link at the bottom of the page.

Operation Summary: The column headers should be fairly self-explanatory. The term "aborted" as used here covers a number of possibilities:

Aircraft Deployed: When a link to a particular aircraft is given, this indicates aircraft known to have taken part in this raid (in the records currently available to the web-site author). A record of whether the aircraft returned or failed to return (FTR) is also logged.

Servicemen Deployed: Names of the crew in the operation.

Station Summary: This section is the information from the RAF North Killingholme Station Record Book for the operational date (if available).

Definitions of the abbreviations used are available: here.

Manageable Lists

The amount of data in the database is growing and this is resulting in the "all operations/targets" list getting rapidly bigger and thus slower to generate. There are options to display shorter, more quickly generated, reports if you want to home in on something specific. For example, there are options to generate reports on operations to a single target, or by single aircraft (to all targets) or by single aircraft to a single target. There is, on the database-reports summary page, a short user guide (PDF format) on how to do this.

Operation/Target: Revigny (12 Jul 1944 - 12 Jul 1944)

Operation Summary
Target Out Back Aborted
(Y / N)
Revigny 12 Jul 1944 12 Jul 1944 N Nineteen aircraft and crews were offered accepted and briefed for operations. All took off at 21.15hrs without incident to bomb Marshalling Yards at REVIGNY in Eastern France. The weather over the target was bad, which precluded accurate marking or visual identification on the target. Recco flares having failed to lighten the darkness, the Master of Ceremonies, for whose instructions our crews were waiting, felt obliged to call the party off. The gunners of one of our crews, P/O Bell and F/S Teasdale, Mid-Upper and Rear Gunners respectively of "C" (Sgt Town) accepted a challenge from an enemy fighter and claim to have shot it down in flames and to have seen it hit the deck. Two of our crews P/O Boocock and P/O Davies failed to return. Owing to bad weather conditions all the Squadron aircraft landed at ten different airfields in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas, one crash landed at Wattisham, and another crew abandoned their aircraft, all members making successful parachute descents. A signal was received from the Air Ministry stating that Sergeant J G Pearce has arrived in the UK. This N.C.O is one of three ordered to bale out whilst over enemy occupied territory when F/S Lloyd's aircraft got into difficulties whilst returning from Mailly on the 4th May.
Aircraft Deployed Servicemen Deployed
Aircraft Service Number Returned
or FTR
Comments Crew Details
LM647 FTR Missing - no news after take-off. P/O J E H Davies (P)
Sgt A D Baker (F/Eng)
Sgt D B MacKenzie (Nav)
Sgt C M Pyke (A/B)
F/O N A Davies (W/Op)
Sgt G Taylor (MU/AG)
Sgt D A Donoghue (R/AG)

Summary Statistics

Based on the data in the lists displayed above, and keeping in mind that data is still being updated and thus not yet complete, the following statistics are generated:

Aircraft Deployment Statistics

Aircraft deployments 1
MAX Aircraft deployed
in single operation
(Revigny, 12 Jul 1944)

These details were last updated: 20 June 2024


this list is still being built and will take some time to complete
what is currently displayed is believed accurate but much more is still to be added

This note describes the options currently available to produce a smaller, more manageable list and also describes planned future enhancements to the reporting facility.

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