Reunion 2017

550 Squadron Association Reunion 2017

Last updated 11/07/2016

The date of the 2017 reunion has been moved from the usual July weekend to the second weekend in September in order to maximise the chance for a flypast by the BBMF Lancaster.

The reasoning for this move is as follows.

For the last few years the Association weekend was scheduled to be the same weekened as the Waddington Airshow in order to "catch" a flypast as the Lancaster flew too or from RAF Waddington. Now that the Waddington Airshow, which was held annually in July, is no more, then the chances of the Association having a flypast have been signficantly reduced on that date.

The September weekend coincides with the planned date for the Scampton Airshow 2017 at RAF Scamption.

The option of re-scheduling the weekend was mentioned at the Remembrance Service in St Denys' Church on the Saturday and again at the dinner on Saturday evening so that the opinions of Association members could be sounded out. From the comments received the general feeling was that a Lancaster flypast was a key part of the weekend and whatever could be done to maximise the likelihood of getting a flypast should be done.

The Scamption Airshow dates are given as the second weekend in September 2017; they are however not 100% guaranteed. However the hotel needed confirmation of the required dates as soon as possible, so the Association Committee decided that since this offered the best chance of a flypast then the revised date should be confirmed.