Last updated 21/10/2012 (as per October Newsletter)  

This is the latest position on Remembrance Weekend - summary information below and a detailed timetable is 
included in the attachment (see link at bottom of the page). 

Lunch is booked at the Amethyst for 12.30pm on 11/11/12 for between 15 and 20 people.

A number of rooms are reserved at the Ashbourne for the night of 10/11/12 although it might be advisable for 
members to book as soon as possible as the hotel has a function taking place that evening. 

A meal in the Ashbourne Bistro on Saturday 10/11/12 at 7.30pm for up to 15 people.
Please let Don Kentish know by 3rd November as menu pre-selection is required.

Key points:

1.  We are following the usual format so would ask that members contact us if they are attending 
    the Saturday evening and/or Sunday lunchtime meal. We can then liaise with the Ashbourne and Amethyst respectively on numbers. 
    The closing date is Saturday 3 Nov 2012.
2.  Members should specify "Kentish - 550" when booking. This will trigger the "550" discount on room rates.
3.  Hotel booking at the earliest opportunity is strongly encouraged! 
    We have three further rooms available in the name of "Kentish - 550" for the night of 10/11/12 at the 
    Association rate of 57 per room B+B for a single and 67 for a double.  
    These will be released for general sale on Sunday 4/11/12 if they remain unbooked.   
4.  Members should discuss accessibility issues at the time of booking.
5.  Members should check the terms and conditions of booking when reserving their room. 
Expressions of interest can be routed through this website to an association 
member who will be happy to act as the contact point for the weekend.  

The hotel details are:

	The Ashbourne Hotel 
		Vicarage Lane
		North Killingholme
		DN40 3JL 
	Telephone: 	+44 (0) 1469 541010
	Fax: 		+44 (0) 1469 541020

A one-page summary of the arrangments for weekend in North Killingholme will be published in  
a forthcoming Newsletter but available here (in PDF format):

Remembrance Weekend Programme 2012