Remembrance Sunday 2017

550 Squadron

Remembrance, North Killingholme, 2017

Photographs from the wreath laying ceremony at North Killingholme on Remembrance Sunday, 12th November 2017.

The service at the Memorial Stone was well attended, but for the first time there were no 550 veterans in attendance.

The service was taken by Rev. Paul Salmon.

The hoped for fly-past on Remembrance Sunday by an aircraft of 100 Squadron over St. Denys' Church could not in the end take place.

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Remembrance Service at the Memorial Stone

Remembrance-Sunday-2017 Remembrance-Sunday-2017 Remembrance-Sunday-2017

Wreaths were laid by Don Kentish, Kathleen Robinson and Mike Leeman. Numerous persons placed wooden poppy crosses in remembrance of crews lost. The last post was sounded by bugler.

Remembrance-Sunday-2017 Remembrance-Sunday-2017 Remembrance-Sunday-2017

Lunch at The Amethyst

Photos to follow.