Remembrance Sunday 2012

550 Squadron

Photographs from the wreath laying ceremony at North Killingholme on Remembrance weekend, 11th November 2012.

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Tribute to PD319 Aircrew

North Killingholme Nov 2012 (2.3Mb)

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Sam Lipfriend receives a fragment of PD319 from Norval Black, son of F/O H Black (B/A) who along with the rest of the crew was killed
Photo courtesy of Dominic Gribbin
Reunion 2012 Welcome Pack Information notice which is next to the panel in the Squadron museum

This note from the October 2012 newsletter:

"Earlier this year, someone walking in the forest near Krefeld found a piece of Lancaster fuselage about 18 inches by 12 inches with the number 319 clearly visible. It is from PD319,the Dodd's aircraft. The piece of wreckage has come into the hands of Norval Black, the son of the bomb aimer, and Norval is getting it mounted for presentation to the 550 Museum on Sunday,11 November."

[Editorial note: In fact the reference to Krefeld in the Newsletter is incorrect. The bulk of material recovered was found in Wehofen, Duisburg with the debris line, north-east of Wehofen. Details on the F/O Dodds crew web-page.]

Other information about the flight and the target available here.

The entry on the 550 Squadron Roll of Honour here.

Reunion 2012 Welcome Pack Son's tribute to aircrew heroes
Dundee Courier Thursday 15 November 2012

550 Squadron Memorabilia

North Killingholme Nov 2012 (1.1Mb)

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Mike Leeman receives a collection of photographs, notebooks and other items from Jane Clayton daughter of W/O J H Andrews (Pilot/Flight Engineer March '45 onwards)
Jane and her husband travelled to North Killingholme to present items recording her father's time with 550 Squadon to the 550 Association museum
Photo courtesy of Mike Leeman

Remembrance Weekend Summary

Reunion 2012 Welcome Pack Remembrance Weekend 10 - 11 November

Rebecq Remembrance

Meanwhile our friends in Rebecq also remembered the P/O Purney crew KIA when 550 Squadron Lancaster JA712/BQ-H was lost on ops while returning over Belgium, see: