North Killingholme

North Killingholme Airfield Today

North Killinghome village and the old airfield, as they appear today, are shown in the link to Google maps below.

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Directions From Village to Airfield

The 550 Squadron plaque is on the Green in the centre of the village (outsite the Ashbourne Hotel). Standing at the plaque facing the Village Hall (housing the 550 Squadron Museum), go left up Church Lane towards the junction with the East Halton Road (about 100m). Turn right on to East Halton Road, and go about 100m along East Halton Road. The first left is Lancaster Approach. The 550 Squadron Memorial is on that corner. You can actually see the Memorial in the Google satellite image right in the corner; in fact if you go into the Google Maps road imagery you can see the Memorial (at the time of writing the date of the last images are ca. 2009). Straight down past the Memorial is into the Station.

If instead of turning left into Lancaster Approach you continue up East Halton Road you will see (on Google Maps) Manor Farm on the right hand side of the road; the WAAF accommdation blocks were just above Manor Farm. Other accommodation blocks were located up to and around Chase Hill Road also on the right hand side of East Halton Road.

Access to the Airfield

It is not possible now to access the airfield via Lancaster Approach: there used to be access by this route, but the industrial units have gated off that entrance now.

However it is possible to access the old airfield from the single track road that enters past the buildings at the top side of the airfield, one of which is one of the original hangers.

Consulting again Google Maps: travel up East Halton Road to the junction with Crook Mill Road. Take that left into Crook Mill Road. About one mile (or a little less) down that road is another, single track, road left that takes you in past the old hanger. You can drive part way round the outer track ofthe airfield. Note that the road is in an extermely poor state (many, and very deep, potholes): drive slowly and exercise caution to avoid damage to your vehicle. It is not possible to drive the whole way around the perimieter and it is necessary to exit by the route you came in. There are some farming buildings on parts of the old runways that are private property and should not be entered.