Memorial Stone

Dedication of the 550 Squadron Memorial Stone

The Dedication of The Memorial Stone took place in 1982. The Order of Service details the formal part of the ceremony, then those gathered adjourned for refreshments. The Memorial Stone remains the focal point for the Association annual reunion and remembrance events.

The photographs are from the dedication ceremony at North Killingholme in 1982.
Photos are courtesy of Mike Leeman.

The pictures show, among others, the following people closely associated with the formation of the Association:

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BBMF High Res: 1.2Mb Fly-past over the Memorial Stone by The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
BLabourne High Res: 1.2Mb Rev. Bob Kenyon
Coun. Mrs Brenda Labourne
Wing Commander J J Bennett
BLabourne&JJBennett High Res: 3.4Mb Coun. Mrs Labourne
Wing Commander J J Bennett
BLabourne&JJBennett2 High Res: 1.3Mb Coun. Mrs Labourne
Wing Commander J J Bennett
Bugler High Res: 1.3Mb Bugler
CWhitters.jpg High Res: 1.6Mb Charles Whitters (Sergeant Rear Gunner)
JJBennett High Res: 1.2Mb Wing Commander J J Bennett & Unknown
(waiting for BBMF flypast)
Dedication.jpg High Res: 2.2Mb Dedication
Flagremoval2.jpg High Res: 1.9Mb Flag removal
Flagremoval3.jpg High Res: 1.4Mb Flag removal
Flypast1.jpg High Res: 1.1Mb Flypast
Flypast2.jpg High Res: 1.1Mb Flypast
FlypastGroup.jpg High Res: 853Kb Flypast Group
GlanfordBC&MP.jpg High Res: 1.6Mb Glanford Borough Council was at the time the local authority responsible for the area.
Members & officers of the Council were invited to the ceremony.
The local MP at the time, Michael Brown (Con) was also in attendance.
PlatformParty.jpg High Res: 1.8Mb Platform Party
Wreath.jpg High Res: 1.1Mb Wreath laying
Group1.jpg High Res: 1.1Mb Group
Group2.jpg High Res: 1.1Mb Group
BobKenyon.jpg High Res: 1.1Mb Rev. Bob Kenyon