550 Squadron and RAF North Killingholme Association

550 Squadron

No. 550 Squadron flew from North Killingholme Airbase, Lincolnshire, from January 1944 to October 1945. The 550 Squadron and RAF North Killingholme Association was formed to help the members of the squadron, and their families and friends to keep in touch and to establish a permanent link between the squadron and the village in which it was based. This site is a resource to those researching the squadron history. Information about the association is available from the links below:

Association Subscriptions

The Assocation relies upon the subscriptions of members to carry out its commitments (be it sending out Newsletters to members, supporting the Immingham Air Cadets, making a payment to the North Killinghome Parish Council to assist with the costs of heating of the Museum, paying for wreaths, poppies and flowers as well as funding an attendance award at the Immingham Oasis Academy).

The Association does not send out reminders about the annual subscription (in the interests of economy), and relies on members to "cough up". Quite a few people pay by standing order - this is easy to set up with your bank and if you have a bank account that can be accessed via the internet it is only a matter of a few minutes to complete. Many members pay "over the odds" - donations which are much appreciated - so please help us to keep the Association funded by paying the tiny subscription and keeping the memory alive.

Paying Subscriptions By Cheque

When the association was originally formed it was named 550 Squadron Association and a bank account named acordingly. The association, however, was quickly renamed to 550 Squadron and RAF North Killingholme Association to emphasise the strong links the squadron had with the village of North Killingholme during the time it was based there and indeed ever since; the bank account however was left unchanged.

Please ensure that any cheque bear only the words 550 Squadron Association as payee. Any variant on this name means the cheque cannot be lodged in the account and has to be returned. Many thanks for your consideration.

Association Web-Sites

550 Squadron Association Blog Web-site

Details about the sister site to this one are shown in the table below. This site provides 'blog' type facilities for those wishing to contact others in the search for information about 550 Squadron in addition to photographs of recent reunions and memorial services.

http://550squadron.wordpress.com Revised 550 Squadron and RAF North Killingholme Association web-site with 'blogs' and recent photographs of reunions, etc available via flickr (link below)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/550squadron 550 Squadron and RAF North Killingholme Association photo collection
http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_161681870533907 550 Squadron Association Facebook Group

Original 550 Squadron Association Web-site

The original 550 Squadron and RAF North Killingholme Association site information is shown in the table below.

Original 550 Squadron Association site.
In fact this link is now dead, but many of the resources originally available on that site have been made available on this site (see below).
original 550squadron.theraf.co.uk
site (archived)
This link is to an archived copy of the original 550 Squadron Association site on this web-server. This makes available, at least in part, the resources originally available on that site (detailed information on raids, crews, losses, etc). Currently not all of the the extensive photograph collection is available, but ...

UPDATE 17/08/2010:
As a result of the 2010 reunion electronic copies of 78 of the photos have been recovered and are now online again here.
Thanks to Jim Cameron, son of F/O Les Cameron DFC, for a copy of the original "Bob Stone collection".
The search for electronic copies of the remainder continues.

Note however that these pages of the archived 550 Squadron Association site are no longer actively maintained having been superseded by the current web-site. Therefore any errors that may exist in these archived web-pages are not corrected, but are hopefully not repeated in the main web-site, and no new material is added in these archived pages.