550 Squadron

W/O T A Lloyd and Crew

The W/O Lloyd crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from No. 1. L.F.S. w.e.f. 27/2/44:

On the Mailly raid (3rd/4th May 1944) W/O Lloyd ordered his bomb-aimer and gunners to bale out (further detail below in the section on the station narrative and de-briefing reports). Two became POWs and one, Sgt Pearce, evaded capture and and made his escape back to the UK via Gibraltar (the 12th July entry in the Sqdn ORB records Sgt Pearce had returned to the UK).

After this event the Lloyd crew continued to fly ops but with replacement crew members, some of whom transfered in to the Squadron specifically for re-crewing with W/O Lloyd. These included:

Crew Photos

Many thanks to the Pearce family for making these photographs available (via Dave Cole).

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W/O Lloyd crew, RAF Hemswell, February 1944
Based on the identifications in the photo:
Back Row, L-To-R: Sgt T P Burke (F/Eng), Lloyd (P), F/O E Yaternick (A/B), F/Sgt D M Stephen (Nav)
Front Row, L-To-R: Sgt R L G Moore (W/Op), Sgt J G Pearce (MU/AG), Sgt A C Crilley (R/AG)
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Sgt Pearce escape papers provided by the French resistance
(after he bailed out from ND733 on 4th May 44)
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Group Photo
Jack Pearce second from left in the back row
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Letter to Jack Pearce from 550 Sqdn
Pearce had already joined 228 Squadron before the letter was sent
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Caterpillar Club Certificate
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Telegram 04/05/1944, Missing
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Telegram 21/06/1944, Found
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Telegram 22/06/1944, Safe
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Telegram 29/07/1944, transfer to 228 Sqdn

Station Narratives No. 4 and 5

These two narratives, included in the Station Operational Record Book, describe the Mailly raid of 3/4 May 1944 and what this crew experienced after the aircraft had been hit by flak. As a result of the action, and as described in the narratives and de-briefing report, three of the crew (as identified above) baled out on instructions from the pilot. Thereafter, having regained control, the pilot got the aircraft and the remaining crew members safely back to base.

Information about 550 battle order for the Mailly raid available here.

Information specifically about this aircraft and the target available here.

According to an online resource the following details are known about the two PoWs, and in addition the Squadron ORB has information on the third crew-man who baled out and evaded capture:

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Lloyd crew, Mailly 3/4 May 1944
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Interrogation of Sgt Moore (W/Op, F/Sgt Lloyd crew) from Mailly 3/4 May 1944, after the aircraft had been hit by flak