550 Squadron Photos

S/Ldr Hume & Crew

S/Ldr Hume flew with the following crew:

The picture below shows S/Ldr Hume and crew.

Click image S/Ldr Hume and crew March 1945
Left To Right: S/Ldr Hume (P) Sgt Taylor, Sgt Clark, P/O Dunphy, Sgt Warner, Sgt Short, Sgt Rogers

Log Book (S/L Hume)

Below are pages from the 550 Squadron air-crew log book of Squadron Leader Hume, showing various live operations during 1945.

Squadron Leader Hume was to become a Wing Commander of "A" flight 550 Squadron from late March 1945.

Frank Hume is believed to be the chap one to the left of the big dog on the front row of: 550-Squadron-North-Killingholme-May-1945.

At ca. 2Mb the pictures below are all quite large and so, depending on the speed of your internet connection, may be slow to download.

Photo (large)Description
Lancaster log book (70Kb) Bombing operations and Operation Manna (food drops).

Photo courtesy of Dominick Hume
Lancaster log book (74Kb) Operation Manna (food drops) and Operation Exodus (PoW repatraition).

Photo courtesy of Dominick Hume
Lancaster log book (74Kb) Cross-countery bombing and air-tests

Photo courtesy of Dominick Hume