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F/Lt A J Grain and Crew

F/Lt A J Grain and crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from 1667 C.U. w.e.f. 11/2/44:

F/Lt Grain and crew were killed when Lancaster LL826 was lost on the Mailly raid 3/4 May 1944. On this occasion the crew was not the transferred-in crew, rather it was as listed below:

P/O Large, the crew regular MU/AG was not flying, instead Sgt Dye was in the MU/AG position. Also flying with the crew on this flight as a Passenger/Observer was:

The entry on the 550 Squadron Roll of Honour is available here.

Other information about the flight and the target available here.

550 Squadron F/Lt A J Grain
Photo courtesy of Stefanie Bolzen (via Ed Owen)
From an item in The Guardian, Sunday 26 May 2019