550 Squadron Photos

F/Sgt Hodgkiss and Crew

The F/Sgt Hodgkiss crew, listed below, joined 550 Squadron in June 1945:

Click image F/Sgt Hodgkiss Crew
L-to-R: Hodgkiss (P), F/Sgt Hyde (Nav) (wings badge with 'N'?), Sgt Hubbard (W/Op)?, Sgt Hodgson (P/F/Eng), ??, ??, ??
Tentative identification
Picture courtesy of Keith Hubbard (son of Robert Hubbard (W/Op))
Click image Robert Henry Hubbard (W/Op)
Picture courtesy of Keith Hubbard
Click image The picture was named "Frank Hodgson Pilot Brigade"; and therefore implied that it was a group photo of a number of pilots. Apart from the identification of Sgt Frank Hodgson (P/F/Eng) none of the others are identified, except ...
Vic Cassapi (F/Eng) of the F/O Lohrey crew was identified in the photo (back-row, 2nd from the extreme right), and confirmed it was him as he has a copy of the same photo. Vic notes that this was a photo of Flight Engineers
The picture is thought to be ca. June 1945, possibly in North Killingholme
The numbers "24" are clearly seen on the aircraft, so this might make this either NG243 / BQ-M2 Mike-Squared or NG246 / BQ-G
Picture courtesy of Jan Care (daughter of Frank Hodgson)

From the papers of F/Sgt Hodgson it's clear that he stayed with the same Jack Hodgkiss crew until the end of the war when they were sent to 47 Squadron; 47 Squadron was still at Fairford when they arrived. They spent time in Denmark flying Dakotas and Halifaxes delivering paratroopers and gliders in preparation for action against Japan. [Source Jan Care]

Click image F/Sgt Hodgson in Hamburg
Three of the crew in Hamburg, Germany (while they were stationed in Denmark with 47 Squadron)
Picture courtesy of Jan Care (daughter of Frank Hodgson)