550 Squadron Photos

F/Sgt Jamieson and Crew

F/Sgt Jamieson and crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from 71 Base w.e.f. 6.2.45:

The picture below shows some of the Jamieson crew:

Click image F/Sgt Jamieson (p), F/O Butcher, Sgt Riley, F/Sgt Burlingham, F/Sgt Aucoin, F/Sgt J W Hamilton, F/Sgt Piper
Picture courtesy of Mark Simpson
Click image Back Row L-to-R: Walt Klementoski (R/G), Jim Hamilton (MU/AG), Bill Jamieson (P), Earl Butcher (Nav)
Front Row L-to-R: Joe Aucoin (W/Op), Unknown

The RCAF members of the crew were posted from 550 Sqdn to R.A.F. Station, Rufforth, w.e.f 25.6.1945.

Station Narrative No. 12

Station Narrative No. 12 is included in the Station Operational Record Book and describes the 16/17 Mar 1945 flight in which the R/AG was badly injured:

Click image Jamieson crew, Nurnberg, 16/17 Mar 1945
The R/AG was badly injured by cannon shell. The aircraft diverted to land at Manston. The R/AG later died of his wounds