550 Squadron Photos

F/Sgt C R R Scott and Crew

The F/Sgt Scott crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from No.75 Base w.e.f. 6.5.45:

All of the crew, with the exception of the single RAF member, were posted to RAF Station Gamston w.e.f. 26.6.1945 (essentially all the Commonwealth Forces aircrew were posted away on 25/26 June with the end of the war in Europe).

The pictures below show the F/Sgt Scott crew.

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L-to-R: F/Sgt Scott (P), F/Sgt Mellor, F/Sgt Ross, Sgt Forder, F/Sgt Bickerstaff, F/Sgt Carter, F/Sgt Gransden
Many thanks to Mark Simpson for making the photo available
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Back row: L-to-R: F/Sgt Ross, F/Sgt Carter, F/Sgt Scott (P), F/Sgt Bickerstaff (W/Op), Sgt Forder (F/Eng)
Front row: F/Sgt Gransden, F/Sgt Mellor
Many thanks to Mark Bickerstaff for making the photo available and identifying his father, F/Sgt Bickerstaff (W/Op)
The remainder of the identifications are possible following comparison with the photo above