Sent From North Killingholme Officer's Mess 20/3/44


                                          Sgt's Mess 


                                          R.A.F Nth Killingholme

                                          Nr Grimsby,






Dear Mother!


Just a few lines to let you 

know that Iím still O.K. I havenít had 

a reply from Dave yet, unless you got it 

after I left. Iíll probably be sending a 

parcel of washing to you tomorrow. Send 

the handkerchiefs back as soon as you can.

                 Iím enclosing £5 for that 

eiderdown if there is any change you can 

keep it. You should get a cash sale bill for 

the eiderdown, so post it on to me. If you 

donít, Iíll know Jane is lying then. Not 







that it matters, only if she is, then she 

has had anything in the future.

                 What I said about having 

to wait three months for my next leave 

seems to be coming true. They have started 

a new scheme on the leave programme, so 

donít expect me home till about June. By 

that time I should have finished my thirty 

trips. I have done two more since leave and 

we are on again tonight.

                      Youíll have to excuse the 

writing, I didnít use a table for it.



             Love, Wilf.