550 Squadron

F/O W E Town and Crew

F/O W E Town and crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from 101 Sqdn w.e.f. 24.3.45:

Flying some ops with this crew were the following:

The F/O Town crew came from 101 Sqn (where Hanson is also shown as Hensen). In the 101 Sqdn ORB the F/Eng is shown as R E Wood, but on joining 550 Sqdn the F/Eng is shown as 1925755 Sgt Wood (in the 550 ORB). Checking with Air 78 (RAF personnel SNs) an A E Wood with the SN 1925755 could not be found. Looking in Air 78 on 'R E Wood' a close match of the SN (1825755) is found, which is indeed the SN when Sgt Wood transfers out of 550 Sqdn in June 1945. So it looks likely that Town's F/Eng was 1825755 Sgt Ronald Edward Wood RAFVR. Source: Keith Gould (son of F/Sgt D S Gould (W/Op)). F/Sgt D S Gould replaced W/O F Hanson RCAF (or Hensen) as the W/Op with the Town crew.

Click image Town crew in 101 Squadron ORB

Pictured below is the F/O Town crew:

Click image L-to-R: F/O Town, F/Sgt Reffell, F/Sgt Francis, Sgt Wood, F/Sgt Gould, F/Sgt O'Reilly, F/Sgt Southgate
Click image Back Row L-to-R: Lee O'Reilly (MU/AG), Ron Wood (F/Eng), Bill Town - Skipper (Pilot), Doug Gould (W/Op)
Front Row L-to-R: Norm Reffell (Nav), Ed Francis (A/B), Deak Southgate (R/AG)

Thanks to Steve O'Reilly (son of Lee O'Reilly) for making the photo available

Various Town Crew Photos

Thanks to Keith Gould (son of D S Gould) for making the following photos available.

Click image Southgate Memorial (montage in local newspaper)
Click image Street scene, 1st left J B Southgate, 2nd right L F O'Reilly
Believed was taken in Brompton Road, Kensington, London. Owles & Beaumont was a drapery store situated at 161 - 169 Brompton Road.
Click image F/Sgt J B "Deak" Southgate
Click image -
Click image -
Click image -
Click image W E Town (Pilot)
Click image W E Town (Pilot), possibily in NG250
Click image N E Reffell (Nav)
Click image D S Gould (W/Op)
Click image L F O'Reilly (MU/AG)
Click image J B "Deak" Southgate (R/AG) tries the front seat!
Click image Town Crew group photo, March 1945
Click image Town Crew, Hut 616
Click image TownCrew, Hut 616
Click image Town crew, NG250
Click image Town crew, North Killinghome Airfield
Click image Town crew, possibly a view of the pilot

D S Gould Logbook

Click image DS Gould Logbook 550 Sqdn, page 1
Click image DS Gould Logbook 550 Sqdn, page 2


Click image ME776 Movement Card