550 Squadron

F/O V G Roberts and Crew

F/O Roberts and crew were posted to 550 Squadron from 1656 CU on 19/03/45. They flew operations in the late stages of the war, and on MANNA missions after the end of hostilities in Europe:

Pictured below the F/O Roberts crew (March 1945):

Click image L-to-R: F/O Roberts, Sgt Farney, F/O Pederson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Jackson, P/O Walmsley, W/O Waddington
Click image Back Row: L-to-R: F/O Pederson, Sgt Farney, W/O Waddington, Sgt Jackson,
Front row: L-to-R: Sgt Davies, P/O Walmsley, F/O Roberts (P)
(identification based on crew photo above)
Thanks to Glennis Aston (daughter of P/O Walmsley) for making the photo available

F/O K L Pederson

The pictures below are of a map of the Eagle's Nest at Berchtesgaden, an attack in which 550 Squadron took part on 25 April 1945.

Many thanks to Paul Pedersen (grandson of Knut Pedersen RNZAF) for making these photos available.

Click image>
Top right of map with F/Lt Pedersen's name and notes
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Full map

P/O S Walmsley

The log books of P/O Walmsley have become available and these show P/O Walmsley flying not only with the F/O Roberts crew, but also on Operation "Dodge" 26-29 August 1945 with F/Lt D A "Jock" Shaw DFC as the pilot.

Many thanks to Glennis Aston (daughter of Stanley Walmsley) for making these log book pages available.

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