550 Squadron Crew

F/O P M Roche and Crew

F/O Roche and crew were posted to 550 Sqdn w.e.f 8th July 1944:

The crew flew only five operations: the first on 19th July, and the last 28th July when they were lost on a raid to Stuttgart. Sadly this was a very short period they had on the Squadron (although not the shortest of tenures on the squadron, close to it). All of the crew were killed and are buried in Blamont Cemetery, France.

F/O Roche had of course done one more than the rest of his crew; so six ops. He flew his "second dicky" op as 2nd pilot to F/O Wareham, 18th July Caen, ME776.

Other information about the final flight and the target available here.

The entry on the 550 Squadron Roll of Honour is available here.

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Click image F/O Paul Martin Roche
Thanks to Christine Lang (great niece) for making the picture available
Memorial550Sq Memorial to F/O Roche and crew
Precise location given at: Lancaster LM455 Memorial
Click image Received from France with the following information:
"... my grand father several years [ago] gave me an object from a crash. It was Sunday on July 29th in the country of Blamont, east of France. My grand father was walking with a cow on the little road from Harbouey to Blamont when he smelt a strong odour of gazoline. He saw a little blue light on his right in the middle of the field. He was the first to understand what had happened. He was 17 years old only so very frigthened. But he took off middle of road just one object. On this it written 'scale co ordinate.square n01 MG.CO.LTD'."
Memorial550Sq As above