550 Squadron

F/O L W Hussey and Crew

F/O Hussey and crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from No. L.F.S on 15.6.44:

There is some confusion in the ORB about the name of the A/B in the crew. F/O H S W Watson (J.28678) is the name on the list when the Hussey crew transfered in. Indeed this name then also features on a number of the operations carried out by the crew. However, F/O H S W Nelson (J.28678), i.e. same service number, is also recorded on numerous occasions. The H S W Nelson name appears slightly more frequently. A S W Nelson (same service number) also appears in the record. It remains unclear which is the correct surname (and indeed initials).

The W/Op who transferred in with the F/O Hussey crew (Sgt Collings) flew only two ops with the crew; for the bulk of the remaining ops the W/Op was: