550 Squadron Photos

F/O Lukies & Crew

F/O Lukies flew with the following crew:

The picture below shows F/O Lukies and crew.

Click image F/O Lukies crew February 1945:
L-to-R: P/O Lukies (P), F/Sgt L Pfitzner, F/Sgt Caples, W Hoffman, F/Sgt Foran, P/O Johnson, Sgt Craine
Click image Photo as follows:
L-to-R: Back row: W Hoffman (RAF) (F/Eng), Sgt J Craine (RAF) (R/AG), P/O J Lukies (RAAF) (Pilot), F/Sgt L Pfitzner (RAAF) (Nav)
Front row: F/Sgt J Foran (RAAF) (W/Op), F/Sgt D Cables (RAAF) (B /A), P/O J Johnson (RAAF) (MU/AG)

Photo kindly made available by Gerard Foran (grandson of W/Op J Foran)

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