Failed to Return

F/O J G Bryson and Crew

F/O J G Bryson and crew were posted to 550 Squadron on 25th November 1943. The crew joined 550 Squadron on its formation at Waltham, Grimsby, having transferred from 12 Squadron at Wickenby, where we had flown on operations from the 3rd September until the 24th November. [Source Jim Donnan: BBC, WW2 People's War]

Pictured below the F/O Bryson crew:

Click image L-to-R: Thomas Roxby, Jack Sawkins, Don Fadden, James "Gil" Bryson (P), Charlie Gundry, Jim Donnan, Paul Evans

Lancaster DV189 / BQ-T2 was flown by the P/O J G Bryson crew when it was lost on 1/2 January 1944 on an operation to the "big one" - Berlin. Two of the crew were killed and the remainder became PoWs.

The entry on the 550 Squadron Roll of Honour is available here.

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