550 Squadron Crew

F/O G H Markes and Crew

F/O Markes and crew were posted to 550 Sqdn from No. 1 L.F.S. w.e.f. 31.8.44:

The picture below is of Francis "Frankie" Petch RAAF from a museum collection in The Netherlands.

Click image Sgt F N M Petch RAAF:
The text on the picture says:

"The information officer said that Walcheren is below sea level and the water is kept outside by sturdy dykes. 'Your task is to break the sea dykes during high tide so that the island is flooded and put the guns out of action. We know there are four air defence guns on the dyke where you will attack'. I got goosebumps."

After seventeen ops with 550 Sqdn the F/O Markes crew were posted from 550 Sqdn to No. 150 Sqdn on 7th November 1944 to assist in the formation of 150 Squadron at Fiskerton, near Lincoln.

Sgt F N M Petch RAAF

Click image In 2004 Frank Petch gave an interview to the "Australians at War Film Archive" of the UNSW, Canberra.
The full interview, with transcript, is available at https://australiansatwarfilmarchive.unsw.edu.au/archive/638#t8,2490, or in the locally available link left (PDF format document).
Click image Frank Petch, War Portrait 1943 Click image Frank Petch, 1944
Click image Frank Petch, 2004 Click image F/O Markes crew (Frank Petch (R)) 1944